You know that moment after you’ve finished dinner when you can’t decide if you want dessert or a(nother) glass of wine? Well, imagine a world in which you could have both. At the same time.

Yes, there’s a thing called Winecream, and yes, it will get you drunk, and yes, it will soon be available in Baltimore. The product was actually dreamed up by a local engineer and his sister, a Johns Hopkins public health communications specialist. The not-so-secret trick? Liquid nitrogen, a new-ish trend in the ice cream world, allows you to pick your base liquid and toppings, and then flash-freeze them into a creamy dessert right in front of your eyes… and, in the case of alcohol, means that you don’t lose the buzz. “It’s Coldstone for adults,” co-founder Dan Gorham told WTOP.

At this point, the only way to enjoy Winecream is at a festival–and while the company hasn’t yet announced their 2016 lineup, I imagine we’ll be seeing them around. (They actually seem to update their Facebook profile more often than their website; according to it, they’ll also be making an appearance at Great Grapes! in Hunt Valley on June 4-5.)

Or you can invite them to your private party for $500 (and up). Who wants to go in on a drunk ice cream party with me?