Belvedere Square at lunch time is a bustling and crowded place.

Among the hubbub, we spotted Mr. Clark sitting quietly at a table alone, eating his soup. He looked old-school cool in his hat and faded ski sweater and was more than happy to talk to us.

Herb Clark, 80, Belvedere Square

Hi. Do you come to Belvedere often?

I come almost everyday for lunch. Atwater’s and Ceriello are my favorites.


You look so natty. Tell me about what you’re wearing.

Jeans, ski sweater, and a hat. Same thing in summer but no sweater.


Do you ski?

Yes, in Aspen or Snowmass. In the summer, I golf.


I love your Derby hat. Sometimes called a Bowler right?

Yes. I got it at Sears.

Men used to wear Derbys to baseball games. Now all they wear are baseball

caps. I wear those too.


Are you married Herb?

Yes. Fifty-one years. 


And does she influence what you wear?

I’m 80 years old. My wife does not dress me. I know a man 

whose wife dresses him. Not for me!  

7 replies on “With a Twinkle in His Eye”

  1. Herb is about the best friend you could ever have. Thanks for high-lighting his lunch time hangout. Now we can all ski over there.

  2. I can attest to Herb’s “old -school cool”. He makes Monday mornings brighter, happier, and cooler.

  3. Herb you are our RED SOLO CUP.our FRUIT to OUR LOOM. You are the go to man at Belverde SQ. And yes he is easy on the EYES!!!!!!the Peanut Shoppee

  4. I met Mr. Herb and his wife yesterday… They shared w/ me that a article was written about them… I could not find it if I was given a million dollars… Determine as most call me… I walked w/ my mom into Beleverdere square today.. saying to my mom .. I wonder If we will see him.. and sure enough as we were paying for our lunch we spotted him.. he told me his name.. and the rest is history… I found the article… Loved it… and he is a JOY to talk w/ and looks great for his age… Thanks for sharing…. He could be our President…. A wonderful, sweet, gentle, and kind man….

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