I got sad yesterday that True Detective just aired its last episode, so I won’t get to imagine I’m hanging out with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConnaughey on a weekly basis. But it actually seems like all of us here in Baltimore stand to see a lot more of Mr. Harrelson in the future– according to the Baltimore Business Journal, the actor is one of the new co-owners of the Inn at the Black Olive in Fells Point.

The BBJ reports that Harrelson bought the property with John “Jack” Dwyer, founder of Capital Funding Group, for $4.5 million; the previous owners, the Spiliadis family, will continue to manage it. (The inn was foreclosed on last summer, and First Mariner Bank repossessed it at auction for $3.9 million.)

So what does Harrelson want with a boutique hotel in America’s best city? Well, he stayed there for several months in 2011, when he was in town filming Game Change. And in recent months, Harrelson has been spotted biking around town. In general, owning the hotel “fits into the health-conscious lifestyle for Woody,” Ed Powell, who works closely with Dwyer, told the BBJ. “During his time there he developed a relationship with Dimitris and the family as operators.”

We would be happy to throw you a welcome-to-town party anytime you’d like, Woody – just tell us when’s good for you.