Wye Oak releases new song ‘Lifer’

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Image via Merge Records

In what label Merge Records is calling the “final preview” from the forthcoming “The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs,” Wye Oak has released new single “Lifer.”The song begins as a sparse arrangement of Andy Stack’s rolling drums, keys and singer Jenn Wasner’s voice, and then ascends to a soaring Wasner guitar solo. Listen below:

In an essay accompanying the release, Wasner writes that in spite of her own anxieties, she recognizes how lucky she is to be a musician and how unfair it is that others don’t get to experience a similar level of success, or even a life without suffering.

“I wrote this song after a long conversation with a friend—someone who loves me and wants to see me succeed, and let go of this burden of guilt that I’ve been dragging around for my whole life. While I wrote it, I was thinking about the people in my life who have had to struggle much harder than I do, or likely ever will—just to stay alive. For a moment, I saw everything differently than I ever had before—I was able to accept and be grateful for the gifts I had been given. I was able to forgive myself for having so much more than so many others. And I made a deal in my mind with those others: If you can keep trying to choose life, and find joy, in the face of all of these obstacles, well, then, so can I. This song contains that promise.”

“The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs” is due out April 6. Following a recent slate of shows at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, the duo is resting up before hitting the road in April for a tour that stretches into the summer.

Brandon Weigel

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