Why Yes, Patterson Park IS Great, Thanks for Noticing

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Patterson Park, one of Baltimore’s most popular places for a stroll (or a jog, if you’re feeling ambitious) is getting some nice attention recently.

The 137-acre green space was just named the 10th best city park in America by Thrillist, alongside such heavy hitters as LA’s Griffith Park and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The site lauded the tennis courts and swimming pool, but saved most of its praise for the pagoda: from the “four-story, Victorian-era observation tower framed by pink-white flowering trees… you can view the entirety of the park, Downtown Baltimore, and the harbor.” (There is also the issue of the occasional hold-up. But Thrillist doesn’t mention that.)

Of course, the park is also in a period of flux: it’s in the midst of a major redevelopment (check out the master plan here). Perhaps the next time someone writes a list like this, we’ll rank even higher.

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  1. Living a block from Patterson Park has been wonderful. there have been many positive changes in the 24 years I have lived here

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