Yoicks! is Closing and Everything Must Go

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We were so sorry to hear that wardrober to the horsey set, polo player, antiques lover and bon vivant Michael Finney is closing his beloved store Yoicks! in Stevenson Village.

We could always count on Michael’s store stocking the best of everything for that Maryland horse country look: waxed barn coats, wicker picnic basket, tweed caps, you know the look. (Just see what’s he’s sporting, in the picture below!)

Michael Finney, owner of Yoicks!
Michael Finney, owner of Yoicks!

When we heard the news we sent out an email to learn more and received the following reply:

“Yes, unfortunately we are shuttering the store here in Stevenson. Any number of furniture fixtures, pictures, clothing and assorted curious clutter is being cast before the world in a Stevenson Sale Spectacular to rival the retail ages. We have virtually no room on the floor of the NY store, so some well-tenured stuff has to depart.”

Sounds like quite the sale!  He’s opened a new store in Saratoga Springs, New York, so those of you who can’t live without his special mix of animal art, antiques, tweed jackets, neckties, and more can still access Michael’s discerning eye through his website and Facebook page.  No word yet on whether the close is permanent or if he will re-open elsewhere in Baltimore.

He will remain at the Stevenson store until the end of the month.  Hours are irregular, so check the Yoicks! Facebook page before you head out.

We will miss your taste and your humor Michael.  You are one of a kind!!

Susan Dunn

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