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This week, Baltimore Fishbowl earned a thoughtful comment with our highest word count to date! “Dad Shows Teen Who’s Boss, Shoots Laptop,” a post by the editors, describing Texan Tommy Jordan’s shoot-em-up destruction of his spoiled daughter’s computer, inspired David Harriss to reply with a short article of sorts, including these winning lines: “Tommy Jordan is like any other hard working American out there. He works hard to provide for his family. Yet, like many other teens (including most of us at that age), his daughter Hannah doesn’t appreciate (or understand), the lesson he is trying to teach his daughter. Her main focus of her rant on her FaceBook page was about doing chores. We start teaching children about the ‘Real’ world when they are young. We teach them to obey police officers, to follow the walk/don’t walk signs, to respect others, and to try to mold them into productive members of civilized society. However, in today’s society, the lessons of our grandparents and great grandparents are no longer taught. We don’t teach our children to say yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am, please, thank you, you’re welcome and excuse me.” To snag more wisdom from David H., visit the story!

Meanwhile this week, publisher and editor Susan Dunn weighed in on George Huguely’s murder trial. Her somber post, “A Toxic Relationship between Love and Huguely,” received this quiet comment from Pigtown Design, “Cannot even imagine what Sharon and Lexie are going through right now. They’re in my thoughts and prayers.”

On a brighter note, Baltimore fiction writer Jane Delury’s My Real Life Modern Family essay, “Consigning the Past,” in which she reflects on her great-grandparents’ travel trunks and the memories she stores because of them, received plenty of fan mail — each comment appreciative of Jane’s writing style and her subtle content.

“‘The ocean that had heaved under Anna’s and Albert’s berths and rattled the hatchways, was flat and innocuous 35,000 feet below our plane.’ I love that. Beautiful essay,” Elisabeth said.

“‘I wish I could say I looked back.’ Lovely, lovely, lovely!” wrote Chris.

“Well done. The drive to shed is complicated; for better or worse, our past is told in accumulation of details and wonderful debris. Thanks for this,” said “PMETSOP.”

“So well written…the type of writing that reads so fast, that you want to re-read again and again,” noted Mary Lynne.

Marion said, “Oy, the writing. Gorgeous and mesmerizing.”

Perhaps our favorite reply of all came from Jane’s own sibling. “Gorgeous Jane,” wrote John. “As Jane’s brother I can testify it’s not only lyrical, but true. If I could write like my sis, I’d pen an essay on the two trunks I got from the Irish side of our ancestry (and no Korean consignment shop will get them after reading this, to be sure).”

In response to Associate Editor Rachel Monroe’s post, “Local Student on College Jeopardy!” Jon Palestra thoroughly updated Rachel with news that Goucher senior Sarah Bart’s victorious College Jeopardy! participation is ongoing.

“I think you will see Sarah in the semi-finals,” wrote Jon P. in closing. “That rules!” replied Rachel. “So glad to hear it! Last I saw, she was in 2nd place in the wild card standings…let’s all keep our fingers crossed!” Added Jon P. on Thursday: “Rachel, Sarah is competing in the Jeopardy semi-finals tonight. Check it out.”

Thanks, Jon! Thank you, readers! Write soon!

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