Maryland to test out digital license plates on 22 state vehicles

Photo via Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Maryland is testing out the license plates of the future, though they won’t be available to the general public just yet.

Wreck Room, a place to smash things to vent your rage, coming to Hampden

Photo by Ethan McLeod

Coming soon to North Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood: A spot where you’re not only permitted, but encouraged to break things in search of emotional catharsis.

Joyce and Elizabeth Talford Scott’s exhibition ‘Hitching Their Dreams to Untamed Stars’ feels potent, if out of place within BMA

“Plantation” (1980), by Elizabeth Talford Scott. Image courtesy of Baltimore Museum of Art/Estate of Elizabeth Talford Scott.

Joyce Scott’s “Inkisi #2” is one of her sculptural works that sneakily knocks you out. It’s a wooden figurine from Nigeria that Scott clad in a billowing tiered skirt made of cast glass, beads of clay, plastic, thread and wire. Scott sewed some of the beads together to become faces on large medallions that hang among the skirt’s folds. Strings of beads end in some relic—a hand, an animal shape—that suggest some aspect of a spiritual practice.

Interspersed among the folds are columns of coke-bottle green glass that end in a bell-shaped bulge. Stare into the face of the figurine and you start thinking its features suggest a knowing smile. Phalluses, icons, prayer, wit, “Inkisi #2” hits the eyes like a totemic relic even though it vibrates with a contemporary tension. Past and present converge in an object that feels like it has something to say to you about the here and now.

Slyly funny, sexually frank, historically complex, politically astute and above all, visually striking, “Inkisi #1” greets visitors to the intimate gallery space at the Baltimore Museum of Art where a small assortment of Scott’s works are paired with those of her mother, Elizabeth Talford Scott. Titled “Hitching Their Dreams to Untamed Stars,” the exhibition spotlights the artistic potency of a creative family.

Baltimore City and County to review decades-old water billing arrangement

Photo by Ángelo González

The time has come for a review of Baltimore City and Baltimore County’s aging framework for water billing, officials say.

Construction on Camden MARC station should wrap up by early September, MTA says

The soon-to-be-replaced MARC station at Camden Yards. Photo by Ed Gunts.

Commuters and Orioles fans will have to wait a few more months before they see a fully redone Camden MARC station outside of Oriole Park.

BSO musicians protest as lockout begins, prompted by collapsed negotiations

Still via video from Baltimore Symphony Musicians/Twitter

Members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra showed up at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Monday morning with their parking passes disabled, unable to access the building without scheduling an appointment with management.

Pride 2019 in photos

Photo by Tedd Henn

One of the oldest Pride celebrations in the country, Baltimore’s tradition now brings out tens of thousands each year to celebrate love, peace and progress for the LGBTQ+ community.