10 Healthy Bowls for Lunch and Dinner

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From smoothies to yogurt and burritos to sushi, we’re loving meals served in bowls. Layers of brightly-colored, richly-flavored, and super-nutritious ingredients come together in endless combinations.

Today, [Relay Foods shares their]  ten favorite bowls for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re craving comfort food, looking for a meal that packs a powerful punch of nutrition, or hoping to find a new recipe to help you kick that take-out habit, we’ve got a bowl you’ll love.

Asian-Inspired Bowls


  1. Rice, shredded cabbage, green onions, avocado, and teriyaki marinated salmon come together in this satisfying and healthy Teriyaki Salmon Bowl.
  2. Piled high with veggies and hoison-glazed tempeh, this Korean Black Rice Bowl is an envy-inspiring lunch choice.
  3. This yummy Egg Drop Ramen Bowl is way better for you than that ramen you had in college, but it’s not much harder to make.

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