4Front Teens Speak Out on How Life Has Changed

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The day schools closed for the coronavirus pandemic was supposed to be Tamara Rubin’s last day as a senior at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. The next few months before graduation would bring a much-anticipated internship, a school trip to Poland and Israel and then the culmination of her school career – graduation.

Lara Shein, a sophomore at the Bryn Mawr School, was looking forward to her brother’s bar mitzvah in April. Although the pandemic would soon upend the planned celebration, it would still take place. In fact, the Zoom bar mitzvah and special meal with family brought new meaning to this Jewish rite of passage.

For these two high school students, and Ben Suffel, a junior at Franklin High, this year was unlike anything they had anticipated when they began their high school years. In some ways, this new normal has changed the way they look at life. In other ways, it has deepened their relationships with family.

And, for each of these teens, their shared experiences participating in the various programs at 4Front, the teen hub which is housed at the JCC, has brought connection, meaning and a shared sense of purpose.

The three students speak out about the programs, how they have changed to meet the new realities and how the current coronavirus pandemic is shaping who they are.

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