A Little Explosion to Start Your Day

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“Hey Baltimore, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??!!!,” one of my Facebook friends wrote yesterday morning. Other folks quickly chimed in about the huge boom and subsequent heavy rumbling that shook the Woodberry/Druid Hill/Hampden region; guesses included a meth lab explosion, a truck that had flipped over and was being dragged down a hill,  or”something huge falling off a cliff.” But rest easy, Baltimore — that explosion was on purpose.

According to the Baltimore Sun, which shot that exciting video above, officials decided to do away with an unused gas holder dating from 1933 — you may recognize it as the large tank that stands (well, used to stand) off 83 near Cold Spring Lane. The tank was only occasionally in use, but still required maintenance, so BGE decided to blow it up to save customers money — and, presumably, because someone high up in the organization likes watching things go BOOM.

It took 420 explosives to collapse the 258-foot steel tank. “It will be weird not to see it coming to school,” Poly junior Max Yuhas told the Sun.

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