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Behind on Your Utility Bill? Have a Turn-Off Notice? Here’s What To Do

Maryland utilities have sent out hundreds of thousands of utility bill Turn-Off notices. There is help.

If your utility bill’s past due balance is adding up during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Here’s some good news: Maryland and the regulated utilities — like BGE, Pepco, and Delmarva — took decisive steps to help residential customers. Managing the process can be tricky, so we’ve gathered the inside scoop to keep your power on and ease your family’s energy burdens.

Report: Maryland’s deregulated energy market ‘dysfunctional,’ harming low-income households

Photo by Steve Snodgrass, via Flickr

Maryland’s deregulated energy market, in which third-party electricity and gas suppliers compete with the big utilities, isn’t delivering on promises from 1999 to lower utility rates. In fact, it’s led the roughly one-in-five Maryland households that have switched to third-party suppliers to overpay by a combined $255 million from 2014 to 2017, while allowing companies to take advantage of low-income customers with marketing tactics, according to a new Abell Foundation report.

Baltimore to pay BGE $3.5 million to install 6,000 new lights across the city, upgrade existing ones

A streetlight on E. 27th Street. Photo by Eli Pousson/Baltimore Heritage, via Flickr.

Mayor Catherine Pugh’s long-touted plan to upgrade the lights of Baltimore’s streets moved forward this morning, with the mayor and other officials approving a $3.5 million agreement with Baltimore Gas and Electric to install 6,000 new LED lights across the city.

BGE is testing autonomous drone inspection of power lines

Photo by Flickr user Owen Viriyincy, used under a Creative Commons license.

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company recently partnered to test an autonomous drone inspection system in Maryland.

BGE to Cut Customers’ Bills by a Few Dollars by Passing on Tax Savings

A sample BGE bill.

BGE customers should be seeing some slight cuts to their monthly bills very soon after a state commission yesterday approved the utility’s plan to pass on more than $100 million in tax savings from the new federal tax bill.

Greenlaurel: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Smart Electricity Supply Choice in Maryland


To help you navigate Maryland’s deregulated — and frankly, confusing — energy supplier marketplace, we called on the experts to offer their practical tips to help you make energy deregulation work for your household. Grab your BGE bill, paper and pencil, and a calculator would’t hurt, too.

Greenlaurel: Another $50 Million Ripoff for Households that Switched Electricity Suppliers


Seventeen years after Maryland’s energy markets were deregulated, most residential consumers who switched their electricity supplier continue to pay a hefty price premium. Many of the 450,000 switchers would have paid less just sticking with their local utility electricity offering — $50 million less in 2016 alone.

Greenlaurel: Morgan Community Mile, a Public-Private Collab, Outfits its 31st Home with Solar

Pamela Harris, Wade Watkins and Barbara Bivens are among 31 homeowners who received solar upgrades as part of the Morgan Community Mile initiative.

Bigwigs and everyday Baltimoreans gathered this week at Wade Watkins’ Belair-Edison home for a street party to celebrate the 31st and final solar installation of the Morgan Community Mile. Among the leaders in attendance was Congressman John Sarbanes, who called the program a “win-win-win: A win for homeowners who will see their BGE bills drop substantially; a win for our planet because the solar electricity generated is pollution-free; and a big win for good, paying jobs in the clean-energy industry.”

Greenlaurel: Five Ways to Really Save on Your BGE Bill


Were you one of the 750,000-plus BGE customers that got paid on Energy Savings Day to use less electricity during this sizzling hot summer? How cool is that? Lower your energy use and you get paid for doing the right thing. If you’d like to continue your savings streak from month-to-month, check out these five practical ways below to lower your BGE bill.

The Seven (Mostly Free) EmPOWER Maryland Offers You May Be Missing

Image courtesy of Western Cooling Efficiency Center UC Davis

With little fanfare and even less media splash, lawmakers passed the energy efficiency-related EmPOWER Maryland law this past session. This anti-energy-waste law will save you big cash.