A Yankee Fan and a Red Sox Fan Find Love

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You never know where you’ll find your beshert. Elise and David Saltzberg discover what they have in common through The Associated. Read (and listen) to their love story:

On this episode of Pull Up A Chair, we have love and romance. Elise and David Saltzberg actually found each other thanks to The Associated. They talk about how it was actually diamonds and deception that ultimately drew them together, but it’s not what you think. Pull Up a Chair to have a listen and find out how they met their beshert.

Here’s a sneak peek:


We met in 1988, I was involved with young executive and professional association from The Associated. I was co-chair of the outreach committee. Elise came to a program at my home for people who were new to Baltimore.


One of the main reasons I moved here was because I had lived in a small town in Indiana for eight years and I wanted to move someplace that had a bigger Jewish community. And everybody told me, “Oh, go to Baltimore, go to Baltimore. They’ve got a great Jewish community there.” And I heard about The Associated, and I went to this meeting.

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