Hi there! My name is Aurora. I was brought me to BHS because my landlord was going to evict my owner if she kept me. Can you imagine? A sweet little thing like me?! I’ve been here since May 2011, and I’m the dog that’s been here the longest now. I guess it’s because I like to take my time to get to know people. I’m a bit scared of men — especially loud men — and I may growl a little until I learn to trust you; please don’t take it personally! I’m looking to be the queen canine of the castle, so if you already have a dog, your home may not be the best fit for me. However, cats don’t bother me unless they start to swat or hiss.

I have never lived with children so I would like to be in an adult-only household where I can be your only baby girl! Oh, and guess what? I’ve been working really hard on requests like “sit,” “shake,” and more! I’d love to show them off for you. I’m really hoping that I can find a forever home with someone who will be patient, calm, understanding, and love me as much as the staff here does! It can get pretty stressful in a kennel, so I’m kind of scared here…but I would LOVE to meet outside of the kennel. My name means “dawn,” so let me light up your life! Please come and meet me to see what a sweet dog I really am! *My adoption fee has been sponsored, so I’m free!*

Hello. My name is Lambchop and I was brought here with a few of my siblings because we were found by someone who couldn’t keep all of us. We are super sweet kittens who love to play with toys, each other, strings…pretty much anything we can get our paws on. If you are interested in adopting a kitten, please fill out an application first to start the process. Thank you and I hope to see you soon.