Baltimoreans freak out about snow. So much so that they drive like maniacs, buy out the grocery stores, and post very very strange things to Craigslist. Remember this winner from last month’s snow storm? Well, now it’s got a rival for oddest listing:

Under “miscellaneous romance,” one 26-year old Baltimore man has posted a request for a “Snow Buddy,” male or female, to ride out the storm with:

I have a television with HBO, Netflix, Hulu+, Cable, and Blue-ray. 
I have plenty food & drinks. 
For example: PB&J(really what else do you need), Nutella(You had me at Nut…), Pretzels, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Kraft Singles, Eggs, Pepsi, Steak-ems, Tilapia, Sriracha, Deli sliced Ham and Turkey, Muscle Milk, Cookies and Cream Ice cream, Organic Mayo, and the best for last…..Grey Goose Vodka and Knob Creek Whiskey and Dos Equis!!!! 
If you would like something specific to eat and/or drink let me know before Wednesday night and I will make sure my apartment is stocked with it. 
I have a full(double) size bunk bed that would be perfect for two people to snuggle up when it gets very cold. I have a space heater but who needs that when you have another person to keep you warm. 
I am planning to have this Snow Buddy encounter from Wednesday night to Friday morning/afternoon. 
Also I have two wonderful kittens.

I can’t decide if this is completely wonderful or thoroughly creepy — or both!

(h/t Nick Moran)

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