Are You Ready for the Berger Cookie Milkshake?

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photo via Grilling 24x7
photo via Grilling 24×7

Need a calorie boost for your Thursday? Why not toss some ice cream, cookies, and milk in a blender and whip yourself up a Berger Cookie Milkshake?

According to the man who masterminded this idea — which I have to admit I find both very appealing and kind of scary — a proper B.C.M. requires an entire box of Berger cookies, a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, and some 2% milk. The result? “A decadent and over the top milkshake.” With emphasis on the decadent.

Grilling 24×7, the blog that created this recipe, claims it results in “2 huge milkshakes or 4 small milkshakes.” By my accounting, each of those 2 huge milkshakes would contain about 1300 calories. And if you don’t have access to Berger cookies, you can always substitute other cookies… or even donuts, the writer notes. Yum?

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    • Yes — if you read the blogger’s original post, he talks about how that was his original inspiration, but it didn’t taste Berger-y enough to him; this is his improvement (minus the alcohol).

  1. Thanks Rachel! lol. I actually did do the calorie count on these milkshakes the same night I made them. It was eye opening! Let’s just say that these won’t be on the menu too often because of that!

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