Connor Graham


Baltimore’s Creative Class Finds a New Outlet: The Podcast

Ed Schrader, looking like the kind of guy you don't want to hand a microphone to.
Ed Schrader

It was 2006. Ed Schrader had just moved to Baltimore from a town in Upstate New York that didn’t exactly have a booming arts scene.  He was standing in an elevator, holding a metal CD rack with a contact mic connected to it. Although he had no specific plans for this pairing of random objects, besides to annoy his roommates, a local artist who shared the elevator with him saw something endearing in this strange, scrawny kid. The artist asked him if he wanted to play at The Copy Cat that Friday. 

A decade later, Schrader is best known as the musician and namesake behind the two-piece rock duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, but did you know he’s also a talk-show host? In February, he recorded the first episode of his rebooted The Ed Schrader Show; a monthly event at The Metro Gallery that playfully mocks late night TV programs while allowing Schrader to interview some of the best creative types around town. To begin that night, he recounted an apt microcosmic vignette of the Baltimore art scene, which has a “’let’s see what you got’ kind of attitude,” he says.

Besides the nationally touted music scene, Baltimore’s visual art, film, and poetry scenes are also on the rise.  Schrader is one of many who are hopping on the city’s newest, but fledgling creative endeavors: the podcast.