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Baltimore Police Officer Captures Accident Caused by Pokémon Go




Maryland native Koria Stanton is a criminal attorney who focuses on cases involving DUI, drug, and assault offenses.

Times are certainly changing. While many states around the country still do not have updated texting-and-driving laws, it appears the public has moved on to the newest smartphone craze. The new normal, for many people around the United States of America, is their constant addiction and devotion to the new app Pokémon Go.

Officer Edward Nero Acquitted on All Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Officer Edward M. Nero
Officer Edward M. Nero

Koria Stanton is a Maryland criminal defense attorney with Price Benowitz LLP. Ms. Stanton is a former judicial clerk, and now helps clients facing traffic-related charges, drug allegations, DUI/DWI, and other criminal charges.

In a highly-anticipated conclusion to the bench trial of Edward Nero, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams acquitted the 30-year-old police officer of all charges in connection to the 2015 arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray on Monday.