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On ‘The Common Task,’ Horse Lords takes a step toward the future

Credit: Audrey Gatewood

The music of Baltimore’s Horse Lords has always borne, at heart, a radical trigonometry. Formed in the early 2010s, the quartet–drummer Sam Haberman, guitarist Owen Gardner, saxophone player/percussionist Andrew Bernstein and bassist/electronics guy Max Eilbacher–dependably tussle genres into cinched shapes.

Wume is warmer and bouncier, with more to say, on ‘Towards the Shadow’

Photo by Kevin Blackistone.

“Maintain,” the 2015 debut LP from Baltimore duo Wume, remains an icy wonder–starch-saturated, but not without a grooving felicity reminiscent of retro-futurist synthesizer unit Stereolab and its august progenitors. Singer/drummer April Camlin and keyboard player/electronics whiz Albert Schatz have developed an ideal songwriting style, one that’s efficient yet not cramped, a tightly wound merriment. No beat or tone is extraneous in tunes that nonetheless swing. Camlin’s wordless vocal pulses lent “Maintain” a brisk, free-falling vibe; this is a ride that won’t buck you off.