Photo courtesy of Zoe's Just Dezzerts.
Photo courtesy of Zoe's Just Dezzerts.

Bakery Zoe’s Just Dezzerts opened Thursday at 828 S. Charles St. in Federal Hill. The bakery, which focuses on coffee and desserts, is a new business by Jennifer and Adrian Goldzsmidt and their daughter Zoe Goldzsmidt, who has autism.

Jennifer Goldzsmidt told they are opening the bakery to give Zoe Goldzsmidt and others on the autism spectrum an opportunity to work. “It’s deliciously inclusive,” said Jennifer Goldzsmidt.

The Goldzsmidt are working with Itineris, a local nonprofit that helps individuals on the autism spectrum find employment, to staff Zoe’s. Jennifer Goldzsmidt will manage the staff at Zoe’s in consultation with Itineris.

Jennifer Goldzsmidt said it’s important for Zoe Goldzsmidt, who will be running the counter at Zoe’s, to interact with people. Zoe Goldzsmidt has a passion for baking, is a lover of chocolate cookies, and also enjoys singing and performing. Jennifer Goldzsmidt described Zoe Goldzsmidt as intelligent, loving, and adorable.

Items at Zoe’s will include cakes, pies, tarts, brownies, cookies, pastries, and more. It will also serve coffee and espresso drinks.

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