Baltimore Bike Party: Brew Ha Ha!

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Each month, the Baltimore Bike Party crew garners support and ramps up enthusiasm in celebration the tandem wonders (pun absolutely intended) of bikes and Baltimore.  Each month, people from all over the city are invited to join at the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon to do a group ride throughout the city departing at 7:30pm.  Each ride is between 10 and 15 miles and ends in a massive celebration at a new location each month.  Each ride is themed, with the description and details listed on their Facebook page.

This month’s theme is, not surprisingly, Halloween.  Show up in your best costume for both yourself and your two-wheeled wonder to join a battalion of bikers throughout the city, ultimately finding yourself at Union Craft Brewery.  $10 gets you an unlimited drinks wristband, and you should probably bring some cash for the gaggle of food trucks that will make an appearance.  Please be sure to feel zero guilt as you guzzle down some brewskies and munch on food truck fare, because you just biked about 15 miles in a costume and you deserve it!

Last month, over 700 people showed up for the Baltimore Bike Party,and they’re shooting for over 1,000 this time around.  Become a part of this wonderful tradition, and join us at the monument with your steel stallion at 7:00pm this Friday.  Some us will be dressed as a hot dog, potentially judging the costume contest.  This is not an event to be missed!

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