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Core Confessions: On Vacuums and Fitness


Now We Are 50 - Fitness

I love to walk, especially with friends or one of my dogs, with music, or an audible book. But also alone with just the sounds of the city or the birds as accompaniment. Perhaps this is because of an energetic dad who always insisted that his family get up and out and walking – around the reservoir, up the mountain, into town. Somewhere, anywhere!

Exercise Keeps Brains Young, Hopkins Researchers Say

Vladimir Putin attempts to attain eternal youth through exercise
Vladimir Putin attempts to attain eternal youth through exercise

Neuroscientists have long understood that age and stress damage the brain, in part by depleting energy reserves that are crucial to brain cell function. At its most extreme, such damage shows up as diseases like Alzheimer’s. But new research out of Johns Hopkins indicates that exercise may play a powerful role in protecting the brain against age- and stress-related damage.

Moving the Goal Posts: Catching Up with Molly Shattuck



Molly Shattuck has grabbed the attention of Baltimoreans ever since becoming – at the age of 38 with three young children – a Baltimore Ravens’ cheerleader, the oldest in NFL history.

We watched her appear on the reality television show “Secret Millionaire” in 2008, as she and her mother, Joan, lived for a week on “welfare wages” and passed out checks totaling $1 million to needy residents of a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Three years later, she released an exercise video and started a website called Vibrant Living, showcasing a healthy-lifestyle approach that she lives and advocates.  Now, the recently separated wife of former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck has written Vibrant Living, the book. (Available at mollyshattuck.com and amazon.com.)

Juice Bar and Yoga Studio Coming to Hampden


A juice bar and yoga studio are coming to Hampden in March, setting up shop next to the newly opened Belgian brasserie De Kleine Duivel.

Jukai Juice Co. and SOULshine Wellness Studio share an entrance, and once inside customers can go from one to the other without leaving the building. The 750-square-foot space is about equally divided between Jukai and SOULshine.

U of Maryland, Loyola Among Most Fit Colleges in the Nation


With its organically grown food systems and very successful sports teams, Virginia Polytechnic Institute is the fittest college campus in America, according to The Active Times.

Learn To Be Happy and Healthy



Mini Move.Eat.Be. LIVE is a 4-day class over the span of 3 weeks.

Receive the information you need to incorporate holistic health and wellness into your every day life.

Each of our bodies, lives and preferences are different. This workshop will help you dispel the fads and myths and get in touch with your own ability to be your very own personal health and wellness champion.October 26 & 27 and November 2 & 9 (12 to 4 pm)  SIGN UP TODAY!  Space is limited.

Fall Into A New You With Move. Eat. Be.



We all want to feel good. We want to feel healthy and energetic, and at peace with our bodies. But all too often we end up reading magazine articles about a radical new diet, or the latest study that shows everything we thought we knew about nutrition was wrong. With so much information out there, how do we discover what really works? How can we know what will work for us? After all, everyone’s body, interests, and personal history are different. So why waste time on one-size-fits-all wellness? That’s the idea behind this month’s Holistic Wellness workshop led by Joanne Frederick. With an individualized approach to personal wellness, Frederick helps participants dispel the fads and myths and get in touch with their own ability to be their very own personal health and wellness champion. Sound like a huge relief? Yeah, we thought so.

Raven Who Appeared on Dancing With the Stars Is Now Too Out of Shape to Practice



With its five-hour practices and relentless activity, Dancing With the Stars has been known to whip celebrities into shape. Not so Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones, who finished third on the show this spring — and who failed the team’s conditioning test this week, making him ineligible to train.

It’s National Health & Fitness Month: Celebrate With a Healthy Lifestyle at the MAC


MAC May1

So, it’s National Health and Fitness Month. Maybe you’re already so on top of it that you’re reading this post on your iPhone while on mile five of your morning 10K. Or maybe this information makes you squirm a bit with the vague memory of that New Year’s resolution that somehow fell to the wayside somewhere along the line. But no matter. It’s never to late to start getting fit– and there are so many ways and reasons to do so, that there’s no need to panic. In fact, National Health and Fitness Month makes it easier than ever– not only because the weather is finally the kind you want to enjoy outside– but also because fitness centers such as the Maryland Athletic Club are offering great opportunities this month to use the facilities, take classes, and start getting healthy. We checked in with Sharon Nevins, Vice President of Marketing at the MAC to find out how they’re celebrating National Health and Fitness Month and how we can, too.

Baltimore Fishbowl: So May is National Health and Wellness Month. What does that mean? And what is the MAC doing to help celebrate it?

Sharon Nevins: National Health & Fitness Month was created to help shine a spotlight on the importance of exercise to be healthy. Our industry, along with the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign joined together to encourage everyone to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. MAC helps celebrate by opening its doors to the entire community to enjoy the MAC and get moving for 7 days. We also have designated community wide classes where non-members can try us out with others just like them.

BFB: That’s great! What an awesome opportunity for those of us who are interested in trying out a new gym. Now that the nice weather is finally here, what are some of the best outdoor exercises we can do to supplement our time at the gym? Baltimore has so many great outdoor spaces and activities. Any top picks or workout ideas?

SN: Just getting outside and walking is always nice. Baltimore also has some incredible trails for hiking. From the NCR trail to Loch Raven to Soldiers Delight and the B&A trail for biking. Whatever is fun and easy for you, you should do. The idea is to enjoy it (most of the time) so you keep up the habit.