Baltimore Bike Party: Hipsters Vs. Lumberjacks

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Jan bike party

Back in November, we lauded the wonders of Baltimore Bike Party.  Bike Party has become the largest group ride on the East Coast since its inception in early 2012.  The final Friday of each month, bikers come out to the Washington Monument to go for a 10 to 15 mile spin around the city with hundreds of their closest friends.  A common theme, beyond bicycles, units them all, and varies month to month.  This Friday, the theme is “Hipsters Vs. Lumberjacks.”  

Yes, it is true that snow is forecasted for Friday, but snow is far too mainstream for hipsters to be bothered with, and Lumberjacks thrive on frigidity.  Don’t let the cold deter you, because the enthusiasm for Bike Party in conjunction with plain ‘ol exercise will be enough to warm your heart and extremities.    I hear facial hair is acceptable for both hipsters and lumberjacks, and many claim it does a wonderful job toasting your face. Bundle up in your best flannel, find your most ironic but sensibly warm accessories, and gather at the monument come 7:00pm.  This month, the ride will be wrapping up at the Claddagh Pub in Canton where you can warm up the old fashioned way – with whiskey or some ‘Boh.

Baltimore Bike Party is currently in the midst of their first Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for a new and improved sound trailer for each monthly ride.

Begin at the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon
699 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD

UPDATE: Check website for exact location

End at Claddagh Pub
2918 O’Donnell St
Baltimore, MD

Friday January 25, 2013

To get out and exercise in the dead of winter while socializing with fellow bike enthusiasts – all while dressed as a hipster lumberjack.

Free! (But consider donating a couple bucks to their Kickstarter campaign)
Please also be sure to pay your tab at Claddagh afterwards.


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