Baltimore Bike Share Kicks Off in Less Than Two Weeks

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bikeshareThe wait is nearly over for the Baltimore Bike Share program. In 11 days, city residents will be able to rent bicycles, some of them with electric pedal assistance, and cruise to other stations around the harbor, westward to Union Square and northbound to Station North.

The Department of Transportation installed the first bike rental dock this past weekend.

The program has been in the works for several years. The city revealed earlier this year that it will be offering 500 Bewegen bikes, 200 of which have electric-assisted pedal technology (code name: Pedelec) to make uphill rides a bit easier. Each bike also has a carrier basket that, according to the program’s website, can hold up to 45 pounds of cargo.

The service allows users to enroll in discounted memberships or to purchase single 45-minute rides for $2 apiece. A limited number of annual memberships are also available for $100 and come with extra perks, including a free ZipCar membership and more time allotted for rides without extra charges. Monthly passes cost $15.

Riders can return their bikes to any station within 45 minutes (or an hour for annual membership holders) without needing to pay $2 for every additional half-hour of riding time.

Presently, the city plans to have 20 to 25 rental stations — with an undetermined number of those 500 bikes — ready for Baltimore Bike Share’s opening day on Friday, Oct. 28, a program spokesperson said. A map of those stations is available here. Bike Share aims to install 50 stations in total around the city by Spring 2017, according to Bikemore.

Head down to Harbor East in the days ahead to get a glimpse at some of the new modern-looking rental bikes.

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