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Colorado Nonprofit Picks Baltimore for Annual $200K Bike Infrastructure Grant


Baltimore’s bike network is about to get a significant boost.

Downtown Partnership Donates $10,000 to Expand Bike Share Access to Low-Income Riders

Courtesy Baltimore Bike Share/Facebook

Low-income Baltimore residents will have a new affordable option for getting around starting this spring.

Baltimore Bike Share Opens Today With a Party in the Inner Harbor

Courtesy Baltimore Bike Share/Facebook
Courtesy Baltimore Bike Share/Facebook

By the time you read this, you should be able to walk down to one of around 20 kiosks, rent a bicycle and take a two-wheeled joy ride downtown.

Baltimore Bike Share Kicks Off in Less Than Two Weeks


bikeshareThe wait is nearly over for the Baltimore Bike Share program. In 11 days, city residents will be able to rent bicycles, some of them with electric pedal assistance, and cruise to other stations around the harbor, westward to Union Square and northbound to Station North.

Baltimore Invests in Electric Bikes; Lazy People Are Pleased


Electric powered bicycle

If you like being on a bike but hate the part where you exhaust yourself pedaling up a hill, I’ve got some good news for you.

Bike-Share Program to Come to Baltimore

Washington's "Capital Bike Share"
What is this guy thinking?

If you’re car-less in Baltimore, the city’s thriving Zipcar service is a qualified godsend. The cars are almost everywhere, and if you consolidate your errands into as few trips as possible the whole thing can really work out in your favor. On the other hand, the $6-8 per hour fee makes the service totally impractical for getting to work. For that, it’s back to the bus.

By this time next year, the city plans to have a bike-share program in place. And, well, it still won’t be any kind of solution for Baltimore’s vehicularly challenged — even if you live in downtown, midtown, or Southeast Baltimore, where all the bikes will be.