Baltimore Invests in Electric Bikes; Lazy People Are Pleased

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Electric powered bicycle

If you like being on a bike but hate the part where you exhaust yourself pedaling up a hill, I’ve got some good news for you.

Baltimore’s new bike share program will include 200 electric models, which include a small electric motor that can help give the rider “pedal assistance” — that is, a motorized boost — when needed. According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the city will have the largest fleet of electric bikes of all the bike shares in the western hemisphere.

This new bike share program — which should not be confused with the old bike share program, which… didn’t work out so well, for various reasons — is expected to include as many as 500 bikes. And yes, some of them will be the traditional kind where you have to do all the work.

There’s no clear date on when the bikes will be available. Stay tuned.

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