Photo courtesy of Checkerspot Brewery.

South Baltimore-based brewery Checkerspot Brewing Company is a finalist in the Samuel Adams Brewer Experienceship and is in the running to be named America’s top craft brewer. 

Samuel Adams’ nationwide “Brewing the American Dream” program, which offers mentorship and funding to entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry, will host its inaugural “Crafting Dreams Beer Bash” on Sept. 7 in New York City. 

As a finalist for the Samuel Adams Brewer Experienceship, Checkerspot Brewery will be able to attend the bash, with an opportunity to meet other finalists, share their stories, and taste their brews.

Checkerspot Brewing was founded by Judy and Rob Neff, who began their journey making beer in their kitchen and basement. The couple named the taproom after Maryland’s state insect, the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly. 

Checkerspot “embodies their belief that without an appreciation of nature, and local, quality ingredients great beer cannot exist,” according to Samuel Adams officials.

Since 2012, the Brewer Experienceship has conducted a nationwide search and selected one local craft brewer to visit the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery. There they would “work side by side with a team of experts and mentors, learn the craft and business of brewing, and collaborate on a specialty beer with Samuel Adams.”

Checkerspot will now have the opportunity to compete nationally against other finalists in Samuel Adams’ search to find America’s top craft brewer. 

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