Baltimore Faith Leaders to Pray for Baltimore with the Pope

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Pope Francis. Photo by Casa Rosada.
Pope Francis. Photo by Casa Rosada.

Archbishop William E. Lori has assembled a group of Baltimore interfaith leaders to take a “pilgrimage” to pray for the city and to”seek the blessing of Pope Francis on […] all efforts to heal the city of Baltimore.” According to Catholic Review, the group includes Imam Earl El-Amin; Rabbi Steven M. Fink, Baptist pastor Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway Sr.; Evangelical Lutheran bishop Rev. Wolfgang Daniel Herz-Lane, and A.M.E. pastor Rev. Frank M. Reid III.

Reid told WJZ he hopes “we see” what Francis sees in Baltimore. “One of the messages that the Pope is trying to send is that making your city, your church, a better place is based upon the choices that you make,” Reid said.

The group plans to do more than pray with the pontiff during their four-day stay. Lori told Catholic Review that they will be meeting with various Vatican leaders “whose area of expertise would relate to some of the challenges we are facing in the city.”


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  1. I hope all of the religious leaders take a stand for what they believe in. Yes the city is hurting and needs healing. In this time does Baltimore really need a monument in public that honors a human being for eating dog feces – The Devine Monument Proposal – that a main purpose of it is to offend Baltimores citizens ? It has been endorsed by the mayor as a spokesman for her said the monument sounds devine and approved thus far by the Public Arts Commission of Baltimore City. A reason given in favor of this monument on – Devine Monument Community – Facebook page is the bible says nothing about eating feces and it’s not even a sin in the Catholic religion to eat shit. That’s just nasty ! As a child in Baltimore we schoolchildren would take field trips to Mt. Vernon Pl. with this proposed monument included will be a bronze representation of dog feces. Knowing how children are , the first thing a child will probably ask a teacher or guardian or parent is what is the dog poop for . An honest adult would say that represents what this person ate. The next question will probably be is is eating dog feces good , does it make you great . The teacher if honest will either say yes or some people think so . Will this encourage our children to eat dog feces ? As I said the people who want this contentious monument know it will offend. Do we really need that ? Most decent people of integrity from all orientations don’t want this vile and vulgar memorial in the majority’s opinion . I can only hope and pray the religions gathering will take a stand for God / Allah and just say no !

  2. It is really wonderful to see leaders of many faiths come together to support Baltimore and focus on challenges that the city faces today. Baltimore needs both practical effective solutions as well as spiritual and generous support to lift moral and inspire the city.

  3. I also like the quote, “…making your city, your church, a better place is based upon the choices that you make.” – A.M.E. pastor Rev. Frank M. Reid III.

  4. Just saw the Motion Picture Academy’s Picture of the Year, Spotlight. It’s easy to forget about RC’s deep-seated evil, criminal, rapist-abetting, ways. This Pope is providing a media-makeover, but no church official of his rank and age is innocent.

  5. and Archbishop Lori…he was leading a bigoted campaign against gay marriage in MD that failed because his anachronistic world view on all maters of sexuality is truly retarded.

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