Baltimore Green Map: Charting Our City’s Positive Assets

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Hampden's Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE) high students mapped sustainable assets for their own "green map." Who knew Hampden was getting a new Skatepark?
Hampden’s Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE) high school students mapped sustainable assets for their own “green map.” Who knew Hampden had a Skatepark?

Since 2007, Janet Felsten, Baltimore Green Map’s Director, has created an insightful printed and online “eco-map” highlighting Baltimore’s hidden and sustainable gems ranging from shopping, hiking, eating and learning, to cultural activities.  Part of the worldwide Open Green Map system, Baltimore Green Map is teaming with local schools and student teams to “green map” their own school community.

“We wanted to help people discover the breadth of Baltimore’s natural and and positive assets. From lead poisoning, heroin cases, and vacant properties, I thought Baltimore had plenty of negative maps. Baltimore Green Map’s goal is for our community and visitors to discover, enjoy and support Baltimore’s sustainable assets.”

Felsten and her small group of volunteers and Johns Hopkins work study students have mapped our entire metro’s sustainable assets (parks, walking trails, playgrounds, cultural sites, public art, cultural nodes, eateries, community gardens and stores) in the online Baltimore Regional Green Map. Supported by key foundations, clubs, private donors, Baltimore City Parks and Recreation, and local businesses, the Jones Falls Trail and Druid Hill Park printed versions can be found in many area stores, schools, and sites.

That’s where the tulips are!

The Jones Falls Trail Green Map guides readers to areas and activities that lean-into-green located within the watershed. Have you walked your dog along the shaded and beautiful Stony Run walking path, (Exercise Category #4 on map)? Ever checked out Cylburn Arboretum’s nature workshops, or taken in the 207-acre park and mansion (Nature, #2)?  Ever wondered where families take that photo of the kiddos with the thousands of tulips in the background? (Sherwood Gardens, Public Garden #3). Baltimore’s Green Map points to all the sustainable living assets that make Baltimore an interesting city.

Students make their own green maps

The Baltimore Green Map team also works extensively with area schools to create customized maps. Mr. Moeller, a Social Studies teacher at Baltimore’s Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE) high school, and his students are developing their own “green map.” Mr. Moeller’s class, in concert with the Baltimore Green Map team, mapped out the community gardens, parks, streams, recycling areas, and cultural sites within a few blocks of their high school.

Who knew about Baltimore’s 19-acre Roosevelt Park located across from ACCE high school? Next to the Maryland SPCA on Falls Road, the Roosevelt Park boasts a swimming facility, sports fields, the Skatepark of Baltimore, and community garden, the park is a well-maintained hidden city asset. 

Visit Baltimore Green Map to discover our city’s sustainable living assets. If you’re interested in your own pocket-friendly Jones Falls Trail or Druid Hill Park map, please leave a comment below, and we’ll discuss next steps.

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  1. I love the Baltimore Green Map products as they highlight some of Baltimore best assets and have been a tool to help me rediscover Baltimore.

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