Baltimore is Either Great or Terrible for Single Women

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Readers, I’m confused. Last year, Kiplinger’s rated Baltimore one of the best cities in the nation for singles. Hooray! And then today we learned that Cosmo has deemed Baltimore the nation’s fourth-worst city for single women.  Boooo. So what gives?

I have a couple of theories to explain the disparity:

+Both rankings are accurate; things just got worse — much, much worse — for single people over the past year or so. The bars closed and all the attractive people left town. Sorry.

+Kiplinger’s is right — Baltimore is great for singles! Single men, at least. There aren’t enough men in Baltimore and the ones who do live here are married and the ones who aren’t married smell funny. Perhaps?

+Maybe all those so-called happy “singles” that Kiplinger’s identified are now married to their same-sex partners. Forgot to factor that demographic into your survey, hmmm, guys?

+Or maybe it’s that these rankings are just a way of generating pageviews and don’t really have anything substantial to say….

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