Baltimore Now Has its Highest-Ever Murder Rate

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crime scene

With 305 murders in 2015 so far, the city now has its highest-ever per capita murder rate–worse than during the early 1990s, which are often considered to be Baltimore’s most violent period.

In 1993, there were 353 murders in Baltimore–but the city had a higher population back then, too. According to the Baltimore Sun’s calculations, this year so far the city has had 48.97 killings per 100,000 residents, higher than 1993’s 48.77 per capita murder rate. Even as some other cities have also seen a spike in violent crime, most still have homicide rates that are well below where they were in the 1990s.

And the year is far from being over. “I view it as an enormous, heartbreaking tragedy that we’ve lost so many lives in Baltimore this year — and heartbreaking in the sense that the city had made so much progress in reducing the rate of murders and shootings,” U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein told the Sun. “I don’t think anybody anticipated that things could turn around so quickly.”

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