Baltimore One of America’s “Most Misunderstood Cities,” Says Thrillist

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Spectators at the Kinetic Sculpture Race
Spectators at the Kinetic Sculpture Race

Amid the praise, Thrillist might be adding a little misunderstanding of its own.

Thrillist published a listicle rounding up “America’s 13 Most Misunderstood Cities,” and it’s no surprise that Baltimore makes an appearance. Baltimore’s violent crime and economic inequality make national news; the American Visionary Art Museum’s annual Kinetic Sculpture Race does not.

Thrillist praises Baltimore’s “gritty glamour” and active arts scene. Woodberry Kitchen, Cross Street Market, AVAM, and local breweries get shout outs.

The only strangeness comes at the end of the first paragraph. After an assertion that there is more to the city than its higher-than-Detroit murder rate comes this sentence:

“Baltimore manages to maintain this tricky, sweet-and-spicy balancing act of high/low culture that gives it a flavor stronger than Old Bay, and makes it unique in the US.”

Perhaps I’m reading too much into the use of “this,” but as-is, it suggests that the murder rate is all part of Baltimore’s high/low culture balancing act. (Or am I the one who is doing the misunderstanding?)

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  1. Robert, I agree, the article should read: Baltimore manages to maintain a tricky…” “This” is misused here. Better editor was needed.

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