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If you rely on the Mount Washington, Cold Spring, or Woodberry light rail stations to get around town, consider this your fair warning — the city has decided to close all three stations for emergency repairs starting on Friday.

The culprit? Erosion. Which, as you may remember, caused a leetle transit problem last month, as an entire city block collapsed. Heavy rains in the Baltimore area have made already-existing erosion problems even worse, and the city determined that it was better to deal with the problem now rather than wait for another disaster. To put things in perspective: The 26th Street collapse will cost around $18.5 million to repair, while these preemptive light rail fixes will add up to only about $1.5 million. That’s why we fix things before they fall apart.

As the Baltimore Sun points out, these emergency repairs unfortunately coincide with some popular events — the Fourth of July, and a series of Orioles home games — that people often access via public transit. Oh well.

The stations are expected to re-open on July 11… if all goes according to plan. Until then, anyone who really wants to ride the light rail from the city to the northern suburbs will have to pile onto a shuttle to get between the Falls Road and North Avenue stations.

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