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Report on regional mobility says MTA control is holding Baltimore public transit back

Photo by Elvert Barnes, via Flickr

A new Greater Washington Partnership report offering a high-level blueprint for improving transit connections from Baltimore to D.C. to Richmond criticizes the fact that the State of Maryland, not Baltimore City and other surrounding jurisdictions, operates our area’s bus, light rail, subway and commuter train systems.

Baltimore’s Subway Line Actually Exists, and Apparently It’s Not Bad

Photo by Flickr user orazal.
Photo by Flickr user orazal.

I’m grateful that Baltimore magazine’s Patrick Maynard spent a day riding the city’s single subway line. For one, I can now be fairly certain it exists. Also, it sounds like the rat thing might have been over-hyped.

This Is the Sorriest Bus Stop in America



The transportation-minded folks over at Streetsblog USA have named their 2016 Worst Bus Stop in America, and — well, I have to agree. This looks like a bad decision all around.

Purple Line is Already $650 Million Over Budget



…and they haven’t even begun construction.

Baltimore Just Got $2 Million for Bike, Pedestrian Projects



Commuting by car is no fun. (It’s also not particularly good for your health, either.) Fortunately, Baltimore’s cyclists and pedestrians will soon have a more pleasant time navigating the city, thanks to $2 million in grants the city just received.

Charm City Circulator Finally Extends Route to 33rd Street

The Charm City Circulator
The Charm City Circulator

Charles Villagers, Johns Hopkinsites, and fans of Carma’s Cafe, rejoice: The Charm City Circulator now travels all the way up to 33rd Street.

MTA Wants to Upgrade Struggling MARC Trains



If you’ve taken a MARC train to DC or other points south this summer, you might have a sense of why the Maryland Transit Administration wants to scrap the current trains in favor of a newer, better model–preferably one that doesn’t stop running as soon as it gets hot outside.

Congress Wants You to Drive to DC, Not Take the Train



The MARC train is the best way to get from Baltimore to DC. Not only do you save money if you take the train instead of driving, but you also keep one more car off the road–which means less pollution and traffic for everyone else.

Please Don’t Charge $1 For the Charm City Circulator


When it first launched in 2010, the Charm City Circulator linked Penn Station, the Inner Harbor, Fort McHenry, and Harbor East through its free bus service. It was aimed at helping tourists explore the city, but plenty of regular folks–myself included–were happy to use the service as well. Which was totally fine — there was no limit or regulation to who could ride the free buses. Which some city councilmembers seem to see as a problem.