Baltimore Restaurant Inspections Are Now Online

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Are you curious about what goes on in the kitchens of your favorite dining establishments?

Now that Baltimore is putting all its restaurant inspections online, you can find out. Yesterday, the city launched a portal that allows curious visitors the chance to view full reports on each of the city’s 5,000+ food establishments. You can check to see if your favorite restaurant stores its meat at the proper temperature, and whether workers washed their hands after contacting food.

City Councilmember Brandon Scott told the Sun that these online reports are just the first step toward what he hopes is a city-wide letter grade system that allows diners to quickly and easily assess a restaurant’s compliance with the food safety rules. “Cities across the country have had these kind of programs for 10, 15, 20 years,” Scott told the Sun. And so access to reports “is a great step for us, it’s also not the final step.”

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