Baltimore Restaurants Test Out Dine-and-Dash App

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My least favorite part of a restaurant meal generally comes after I’ve eaten, but before I walk out the door: the dreaded check-splitting-and-paying phase. Fortunately, a group of some of the best restaurants in Baltimore have banded together to beta test a new, locally-developed app that promises to make paying for food quicker and easier.

Diners using the Full Society app can link up their payment method ahead of time (kind of like you do with Uber). Then, as soon as you’re ready, you can divide the check (either evenly split or by order), calculate the tip, and settle the bill. You don’t have to go through the whole rigamarole of asking for the check, calculating the tip in your head, and waiting for the bill to be settled. As soon as you complete the transaction on the app, you can walk out the door. Ahh, doesn’t that sound simple? (Another perk: Full Society also bills itself as a socially responsible company, and offers diners the option to make a donation to a charity when they pay their bill.)

If you want to try it out yourself, download the Full Society app and visit one of the beta-testing restaurants: Woodberry Kitchen, Grand Cru, Parts & Labor, The Nickel Taphouse, Le Garage, Encantada, and Birroteca. Some other local favorites (Artifact Coffee, Mezze, Kali’s Court, and Anastasia) plan to add the feature soon. The app’s developers hope to expand to 100 Baltimore restaurants soon–and after that, expand to other cities as well.

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