Baltimore Sports Fans Need to Work on Their Grammar, Study Finds

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If we want to compete with the cities with NBA franchises, Baltimoreans need to work on their grammar. A new study from Grammarly found that fans of Baltimore’s pro teams were at the bottom 10 of the list when came to writing English good.

The Grammar Power Rankings study, which analyzed comments on league websites, found Baltimore was 35th out of 42 cities. Ravens fans fared better than O’s fans, but only slightly. ¬†Orioles fans had 9.9 errors per 100 words, while Ravens fans had 7.3 errors per 100 words.

No word on whether the study controlled for whether the expletives shouted at struggling teams, but it does seem there was bias toward a certain sport. NBA-only cities like Memphis, San Antonio, Sacramento and Orlando all finished at the top of the list.

Check out the full list.


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