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Baltimore Sports Fans Need to Work on Their Grammar, Study Finds


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If we want to compete with the cities with NBA franchises, Baltimoreans need to work on their grammar. A new study from Grammarly found that fans of Baltimore’s pro teams were at the bottom 10 of the list when came to writing English good.

Meeting Adam Jones: A Magically Real Memoir



University of Baltimore MFA student and super mom Austrie Martinez tells the magical story of how she and her family met and befriended Adam Jones–it reads like the stuff of legend, and it’s 100 percent true.

My wife, Denise, was strapping on her duty belt for work as I watched the Orioles postgame interviews. She worked night security at a psych hospital and often missed the end of the game. As she tuned in via radio, we’d text each other throughout the nine innings.