It’s been a long time since I was addicted to celebrity “news” magazines. But I have to admit, I’m still a sucker for a good piece of gossip, especially if it involves famous people–because that way I don’t have to feel guilty about talking about someone behind their back.

The Baltimore Sun has unearthed a pretty good tidbit, one that involves not one but three famous people and takes place in our very own city. Okay, it’s from 2005 — but it’s still pretty juicy.

The story is this: Remember when Jude Law and Sienna Miller were dating? And Jude Law cheated on her a lot? And then she cheated on him with Daniel Craig, aka James Bond? Well, it turns out that Law found out about Miller and Craig (scandalous!) and called Craig on the phone to confront him (double scandalous!) — while Craig happened to be in Baltimore filming The Invasion. Even more awkwardly, Craig and Law were longtime friends (triple scandal!). Law and Miller broke up not long after, got back together in 2009, and broke up again in 2011.

This all came to light as part of testimony in the British phone hacking scandal, in which “journalists” for Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid newspaper hacked into celebrities’ phones to obtain better scoops.

It’s getting a little surreal, as celebrities testify against a tabloid, which then becomes a story for other tabloids– case in point, this US Magazine rehash of some more tidbits from the Miller-Law-Craig love triangle. Apparently our appetite for celebrity scandal is bottomless, even when the scandal in question is nine years old.

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