I never thought I’d see the day:  Just a few weeks after Baltimore’s new-ish archbishop William Lori was a total bummer about the Supreme Court’s overturning DOMA, and a few short months after he campaigned against marriage equality in Maryland, the most important Catholic official in Baltimore has said something pretty tolerant about homosexuality.

Lori spoke out after Pope Francis said “who am I to judge?” about gay Catholics. (Which is funny, since, um, dude, you’re the pope.) Lori echoed this message of less-than-acceptance-but-hey-we’ll-still-take-it:  “I think he has set a new tone for all of us and it’s not that he’s changing the teaching, it’s just that he’s opening the doors of the church, the heart of the church. He’s inviting all of us to understand that no one is a stranger in the church.”

Of course, Lori didn’t take back the things he’s said about gay marriage damaging children. That would be a real miracle. Still, we’ll take open-mindedness where we can find it. Thanks, Lori.