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Vatican taps Baltimore’s archbishop to investigate alleged sexual harassment by newly resigned West Virginia bishop

Archbishop of Baltimore William Lori. Photo via Archdiocese of Baltimore.

By order of the Pope himself, Baltimore Archbishop William Lori is headed to West Virginia today to spearhead an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment of adults by a now-former bishop.

Baltimore’s Archbishop Says Something Almost Tolerant About Homosexuality!



I never thought I’d see the day:  Just a few weeks after Baltimore’s new-ish archbishop William Lori was a total bummer about the Supreme Court’s overturning DOMA, and a few short months after he campaigned against marriage equality in Maryland, the most important Catholic official in Baltimore has said something pretty tolerant about homosexuality.

Baltimore Archbishop Tries, Fails to Ruin Joy Over Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision


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Thanks to yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling invalidating the federal Defense of Marriage Act, same-sex couples who are married are one step closer to receiving federal benefits. And since Maryland legalized same-sex marriage last November, this state’s celebrations were especially sweet. But that didn’t stop Baltimore Archbishop William Lori from raining on the parade.

Baltimore’s Faith Leaders Weigh in on Marriage Equality


As you’ve probably heard, Baltimore’s new archbishop, William Lori, sent a letter urging “Catholics and faithful citizens” to “show up on election day and do our part by voting against Question 6,” the bill that would establish marriage equality in Maryland. But some of Baltimore’s Catholic leaders are speaking their mind in quite a different way.

Baltimore’s Archbishop Becoming Major Player in the National “War on Religion” Scene


Baltimore’s new archbishop, William Lori, is getting a higher and higher profile as a national Catholic voice. He is headed to Washington, DC to speak at a conference on the theme of “Rising Threats to American Religious Freedom.” The same lobbying group that is sponsoring the conference is presenting Archbishop Lori with the American Religious Freedom Award for his “gracious-but-vigorous defense of religious liberty in the face of increasing hostility,” which is to say that he has been a vocal opponent of mandatory birth control coverage in employee healthcare policies.

Archbishop Lori Going to Preakness on Saturday


At the Waterfront Marriott dinner last night to celebrate the installation of Archbishop William Lori, he told the crowd that he’s going to the Preakness.

“I was raised in Louisville and never went to the Derby, but I have a ticket to the Preakness in two days,” he said.

Hope he avoids the infield.

Baltimore Gets a New Archbishop


You could hardly blame Cardinal Edwin O’Brien for leaving his post as Baltimore’s archbishop last summer. He was named grand master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and that’s a hard gig to turn down. But O’Brien’s ascension has meant that Baltimore has been archbishop-less for nearly a year — leading, no doubt, to even more untrammeled vice and revelry than usual.

That can all stop, though — thank you-know-who! — because we’ve finally got a new archbishop. William E. Lori, soon to be the 16th archbishop of Baltimore, comes to Charm City from Bridgeport, where he  was in the tough position of dealing with a sex abuse scandal. He instituted a zero-tolerance policy (there wasn’t one before?), tried to block the public release of church documents, and fought Obama on the religious exemption to the health care law. He’s a busy man!