Attachment Parenting: Is it a Trend in Baltimore too?

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The internet is going crazy right now with the above image of this week’s TIME cover. The cover story is about “attachment parenting,” the school of child-rearing popularized by The Baby Book, whose author Dr. Bill Sears recommends breast-feeding into toddlerhood, letting babies sleep in parents’ beds, and carrying babies around all day in a close-to-the-body carrier.

The cover features 26-year-old Jamie Grumet, who writes an attachment parenting blog I Am Not the Babysitter.  She breastfeeds her son Aram, who is four, and his brother who is five. Jamie was breastfed by her mother until she was six.

Is attachement parenting a trend in Baltimore?  Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I loved nursing my girls (until one started BITING me) but I really do wonder if I had nursed them until they were walking and talking, would it have made us emotionally closer, or would my children be more secure? Because I kind of think that is what these moms are seeking to produce by nursing so long. We are so anxious to give our kids the best shot at a solid psyche, that we can be pretty vulnerable to all sorts of philosophies meant to be helpful, but can never guarantee success – we live in a very broken world and sooner or later our kids suffer those bumps just like us.

    That is my thoughtful remark – now for my other reaction – your tits will look like hell when your kid finally moves on to juice boxes!!!!

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