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Johns Hopkins Hospital Installs a Very Unusual Vending Machine

Photo via the JHU Hub
Photo via the JHU Hub

Vending machines sell way more than just candy these days. There are vending machines that sell electronics and make-up and even live crabs (that one’s in China). But the new machine installed at Johns Hopkins Hospital is certainly one-of-a-kind.

Attachment Parenting: Is it a Trend in Baltimore too?


The internet is going crazy right now with the above image of this week’s TIME cover. The cover story is about “attachment parenting,” the school of child-rearing popularized by The Baby Book, whose author Dr. Bill Sears recommends breast-feeding into toddlerhood, letting babies sleep in parents’ beds, and carrying babies around all day in a close-to-the-body carrier.

The cover features 26-year-old Jamie Grumet, who writes an attachment parenting blog I Am Not the Babysitter.  She breastfeeds her son Aram, who is four, and his brother who is five. Jamie was breastfed by her mother until she was six.

Is attachement parenting a trend in Baltimore?  Let us know in the comments.