Baltimore Lands 5 Brunch Spots on OpenTable’s Top 100

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Rusty Scupper
With Baltimore’s rising foodie reputation, it’s fitting that the city is starting to get a reputation for all sorts of meals. The latest national recognition goes to the restaurants that help us fortify after Saturday night.

OpenTable put a handful Baltimore spots on its list of top brunch spots in America. City Cafe, The Food Market, Gertrude’s, Rusty Scupper and Woodberry Kitchen all get nods. Another could be on the way. Annapolis’ Iron Rooster made the list on the same year it opened a new location in Canton.

Congrats to all, but we can’t help but note the mysterious exclusion of a certain Miss Shirley.


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  1. Ah – here’s the reason that Miss Shirley’s isn’t on the OPEN TABLE list! It doesn’t accept reservations.

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