Baltimore’s Hospitality and Gift Industries Gear Up for a Snowed Out Valentine’s Day

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"Go ahead, snow. Make my Valentine's Day!"
“Go ahead, snow. Make my Valentine’s Day!”

The Baltimore area’s hospitality and gift industry are facing the threat of a snowy, treacherous Valentine’s Day, and it’s really brought out their inner Dirty Harrys.

“There’s 100 percent no way that we will be closed on Friday,” Dave Seel, marketing director for Bagby Restaurant Group, told Baltimore Business Journal. (Bagby operates Fleet Street Kitchen and Ten Ten, among others.)

Flowers and Fancies in Owings Mills is offering early deliveries and even calling in extra trucks and drivers in anticipation of the storm, but Owner Eddie Wingrat calls it “business as usual.”

Sure, City Cafe co-owner Bruce Bodie said he’s “worried” about reservation cancellations from Baltimore County customers, but I’m sure by Friday he’ll be speaking in a raspy voice and laughing at death.

So come on, weather. Bring it!*


*: Don’t actually bring it. Please, please don’t bring it.


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