The Rotunda Cinema, housed in the Rotunda Mall on 40th Street, always felt like a little bit of a secret to me. It wasn’t a movie palace with neon lights and a few dozen screens; instead, it felt intimate and homey and a little bit run down. Which is precisely how I like my movie theaters. 

In recent months, whenever I’ve driven by the cinema, it’s been dwarfed by all the construction going on at the mall. That construction, plus the everyday struggles of running a small theater in the era of the multiplex, contributed to the sad news that the Rotunda is closing its doors for good, as the Baltimore Sun reports.

That leaves Baltimore with only two functioning movie theaters within city limits — a sad story for a city that once boasted dozens of elegant cinemas. That will hopefully change soon, as the Rotunda renovation includes plans for a swanky “cinebistro” opening in 2016.

6 replies on “Baltimore’s Rotunda Cinema Is No More”

  1. I find the scale of this development shocking. I did not expect a mini-Bethesda to overwhelm Hampden. Quite frankly , it is ugly.

  2. Place became dirty and dangerous, like much of the rest of Baltimore. Cinebistro was tongue in cheek, as in people sitting around a bistro staring at their i-pods. It was a little too cute but if you think about it how often do you see some fool watching a downloaded movie and eating at the same time.- Much too often.

    1. It’s weird how much confidence you have in your interpretation of what Cinebistro is. It’s just so annoying when people are so confident…and then so wrong.

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