Baltimost: Taharka Bros. Ice Cream

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Courtesy of Taharka Bros. Ice Cream/Facebook

Taharka Bros. Ice Cream

Sure, Taharka Bros. has a great and inspiring story. But let's forget about that for a second and talk about their flavors.

The key lime pie is so perfectly tart and sweet, with just the right crunch of crumbled pie crust, that your taste buds will savor each spoonful. Honey graham, their signature flavor, somehow takes two simple childhood pleasures and turns them into sophisticated joy.

Cardamom. Salty caramel. Coconut. Heck, even the chocolate and vanilla are crazy creamy and flavor-packed. 

There's also The Cook Up, a nut-studded, spiced apple carrot cake that honors Baltimorean D. Watkins' memoir of the same name. Flavors change with the seasons, but Chocolate Love and Jazzman Blues are usually in stock.

The company teaches responsibility and entrepreneurial skills, while dishing out the city's finest ice cream. In a great 2015 documentary about the firm, "A Dream Preferred," Taharka Bros. CEO Devon Brown says the company shows that "young African-American males can run successful, responsible businesses."

More than 100 local restaurants and stores sell Taharka Bros' small-batch all-natural ice cream, and the company recently opened a scoop shop in the newly renovated Broadway Market. 

Taharka Bros. is named for Taharka McCoy, a mentor to Brown who was murdered in 2002, when he was just 25. 

His name lives on in a company that has become a beloved testament to all the people who keep working hard and making life more delicious, even when nobody thinks they can.

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