The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars awarded a $10,000 cash prize to Bel Air’s Flavor Cupcakery, the big winners of the competitive reality show which aired on Sunday. Jason Hisley, baker and Bel Air High alum, represented the Cupcakery in the competition, which culminated in a challenge to make 1,000 cupcakes for the opening night of the New York City Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker.”

Shelley Stannard, not originally a baker, was a fan of Bel Air’s many shops and wanted to join their ranks. She settled on cupcakes after she noticed the rising popularity of the single-serving treat and saw how she could fill a void locally.

As for Hisley’s take on the single-elimination competition: “It was insane.”

One reply on “Bel Air’s Flavor Cupcakery Wins Big on TV”

  1. Guess you had to let someone else fail to win. Hope your $10,000 was worth it. I think it’s really crappy when you see something wrong and don’t say anything. Guess that was the only way you could win is to let Michelle’s oven stay open; it makes your win seem a bit tainted to me.

    I’m from MD and like to go to places from FoodNetwork that I see on TV but I will NEVER visit your store. You only won because your construction guy made you a pretty display and other people made more mistakes than you… You had a choice and you didn’t speak up… You’re not someone I’d want my kids to look up to. Maybe next time you will choose the hard right instead of taking the easy wrong.

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