Belvedere Square’s Dutch Floral Garden to close permanently

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Paula Dobbe-Maher in her Belvedere Square shop, Dutch Floral Garden.

Local floral designer Paula Dobbe-Maher let customers know over the weekend that she will permanently close this week her popular Belvedere Square floral and plant shop, Dutch Floral Garden.

Dobbe-Maher made the announcement in a letter on Facebook on Saturday, December 26, the BBJ reported.

She opened her store in 1999 near Johns Hopkins University and moved to Belvedere Square in the early 2000s.

Dobbe-Maher explained that the death of her husband, Ken Maher, in November 2019 followed by the coronavirus pandemic brought her to the conclusion that it is time to close.

“It has been so much fun explaining to our customers the differences in floral arranging techniques, the creation of unusual arrangements, the introduction of newly developed flower types…,” she wrote.

“Finally, the time has come to close this beautiful part of my life.”

Dobbe-Maher, who is from the Netherlands, moved to Baltimore in the 1990s when she married. Long before she opened her shop, she trained under European master florists in the Netherlands, Germany and England, and brought to her designs a distinctive European aesthetic.

She told one customer today that she plans to move to Holland, but not before saying goodbye.

“I would like to invite all of my customers to come and give me the opportunity to thank you for all you did for me and my business,” she wrote in her Facebook letter.

“We may not be able to hug, but we can smile at each other above our masks. My eyes will tell you that I will miss my flowers a lot, but I will miss you the most.”

All merchandise at the store, including display fixtures, is on sale at 40 percent off until the closing on Thursday.

Susan Dunn

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