At Debate, Ben Carson Confuses a Person for a Country, One for Two

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This one nonsensical statement from Ben Carson is the best thing to have happened to Twitter in a while.

The candidate has been honing his foreign policy chops recently, which might explain why his counting chops and person-or-country chops utterly failed him while he was discussing what he would do if Russia invaded Estonia at Thursday night’s Republican primary debate.

“Putin is a one-horse country: oil and energy,” Carson asserted as he explained how he would respond to the hypothetical invasion.

The Twitter response was swift and funnier than average:

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  1. Omgosh – thank you Steven Webster! I’ve been working in a county elementary school and wondering why they teach 6 different versions of multiplication without requiring students to just learn their multiplication facts! Are they trying to make something more difficult than it needs to be?!? Please require SchoolHouseRock over silly, non-educational BrainPops.

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